Wood Cross, UT Air Cleaners and Filtration

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Benefits of Installing an Air Cleaner

Installing an air cleaner can improve your family’s health, and also provide the following benefits:

  • Remove allergens from the air, allowing members of the household to have fewer allergy symptoms.
  • Improve the air quality for people with asthma, resulting in fewer symptoms.
  • Lower the humidity level in the house.
  • Remove odors from the home to allow for a cleaner-smelling property.
  • Get rid of airborne bacteria and germs that can cause colds and flu.

Types of Air Cleaners

There are several types of air cleaners you can install in your house. Some options can include:

  • Whole-house systems: These provide consistent air quality control.
  • Portable air purifier products: These units are less expensive than whole-house systems but they are not as powerful.
  • Ozone generators: These systems clean your air while producing oxidation properties that safely control air pollutants.

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What Maintenance To Perform on Air Cleaners

Keep your air cleaner properly maintained to ensure it can remove contaminants from the air in your home. Some tasks you should perform include:

  • Vacuum the unit regularly to remove dust.
  • Change the HEPA filters every 3-6 months.
  • Have the unit professionally serviced at least once a year to have the technician ensure it’s performing as expected. He or she can also look for any minor issues that need to be repaired before they turn into major problems.
  • Change the bulbs in UV air purifiers as needed.

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