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Wood Cross, UT Evaporator Coil Services

A malfunctioning evaporator coil can prevent your air conditioner from working properly. If your unit needs to be inspected, repaired, or replaced, call us for services in Davis County.

Is there frost building up on your evaporator coil? Is there a musty smell throughout your house when you run your AC unit? These can signal you need professionals to clean and inspect your evaporator coil. For services In Wood Cross, UT, call Alta Air, where your home comfort is our one and only responsibility. Our trustworthy technicians can repair or replace your coil to keep your air conditioner working properly. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


Is the temperature of your house not matching the setting on the thermostat? Contact us to schedule air conditioning repairs!

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Benefits of Timely Evaporator Coil Services

As soon as you notice symptoms of an issue with your evaporator coil, it’s crucial to schedule services with a professional. Having the unit repaired quickly can provide the following benefits:



Detecting an issue with your component early can allow you to possibly repair the component instead of replacing it, or catch the problem while the part is still covered under warranty. If the component needs a major repair, you should ask the technician if it is more cost-effective to replace the part rather than repair it.



Getting your unit repaired in a timely manner can help you avoid interruptions in the usage of your air conditioning system.



Having the unit repaired ASAP can allow you to save energy. When the coil malfunctions the AC system might continue to run, but the unit will use more energy than usual to try to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Common Problems With Evaporator Coils

There are some common problems you might experience with your evaporator coil that can require professional repairs. Some common problems to watch for can include:



If you have a leak you should have it inspected by a professional. The expert can determine if there is an issue and how much coolant should be added to the system.



If you notice a foul smell in your home it can be due to bacteria and mold building up on the coil. This can be caused by moisture collecting on the component.



If water remains on coils for too long it can freeze, as the components are typically around 32° F. The frozen water can cause the blades to coat with ice, which can cause problems for the AC unit.

Does your AC unit need a tune-up? Contact us to schedule air conditioning repairs in Northern Utah.

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Maintenance Tasks To Perform on Evaporator Coils

To keep your evaporator coil working correctly, it’s important to perform maintenance tasks regularly.

These can include:

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Keep your air conditioning unit working correctly by ensuring your evaporator coil is working properly. Call Alta Air at (801)397-2583 to schedule cleanings, repairs, and replacements in Wood Cross, UT. We offer complimentary estimates!


As our customer, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. If you aren’t happy with your service, we won’t rest until it’s been made right.


All of our technicians are background checked and drug tested. We’ll never send someone to your home we wouldn’t trust in our own!


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