Clearfield, UT Cooling Services

Keep your house cool and comfortable all summer with a fully functioning air conditioner. Get yours ready for the season when you call us for tune-ups and repairs in Davis County.

Clearfield, UT Cooling Services - Alta Air

Are you sitting in front of a fan in your house, just dreaming about how nice it would be to have a working air conditioner? Well, you can stop dreaming and call Alta Air. Our technicians can inspect your unit and diagnose and repair the issue to get your unit working again. Call us to schedule an appointment in Clearfield, UT with our trustworthy technicians.

Why do your Clearfield neighbors rely on us to get their AC unit back up and running? Read our testimonials to find out!

We provide complete cooling services to Clearfield, including:

  • Commercial HVAC
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Ductwork Repair & Installation
  • Filter Replacement
  • Air Handler Services
  • Ductless Mini Split Systems
  • Evaporator Coil Services

Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Replace Your AC Unit

Are you done wishing and hoping that your air conditioner will make it through another summer? If you notice these signs it can indicate you need to install a new unit:

  • Your system is more than 15 years old.
  • Your unit is losing efficiency, resulting in higher utility bills.
  • Your property is not heating to the desired temperature.
  • Your system needs multiple repairs.
  • Your unit needs a major repair, like a new motor or compressor.
  • Your unit is leaking.
  • You hear strange sounds coming from the unit.
  • Your unit is producing cold air, but it’s not blowing out as hard as it should.

When you’re ready to replace your unit, contact us. We offer Day and Night systems.

Benefits of Regular AC Tune-Ups

Our trustworthy technicians recommend having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. Some of the advantages of having these services performed include:

  • It keeps the unit running efficiently and economically.
  • It allows the system to provide maximum climate control.
  • It helps ensure proper indoor air quality.
  • It makes sure your unit is working properly to keep your loved ones and property safe.
  • It allows technicians to catch minor issues before they turn into larger ones.

Contact us when you need cooling or heating repairs and replacements in your Davis County home or commercial property.

Advantages of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Do you need better climate control to keep your house cool in the summer? Installing a smart thermostat can help. Some of the benefits a Wifi thermostat can provide include:

  • You can add password protection to newer models.
  • You can program the device to different temperatures based on times of the day.
  • You can connect your home thermostat to your smartphone, which allows you to control temperatures remotely.
  • You can lower your monthly utility bills.

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Is your air conditioner leaking, or struggling to cool your house to the setting on the thermostat? Call Alta Air at 801-397-2586 for services in Davis County. Our trustworthy technicians can get the job done!