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Do you need to keep adding layers of clothing and blankets to stay warm in your house all winter? It’s time to call in the professionals. Schedule heating and furnace repair services with our technicians in Clinton.

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Is your furnace struggling to keep your house warm this winter? Don’t endure a chilly house. Instead, call in the experts to diagnose and repair the issue. Call Alta Air for services in Clinton, UT. Our trustworthy technicians can repair your existing unit or install a new one to restore comfort to your house. When you schedule an appointment with us, your home comfort is our one and only responsibility.

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We provide complete heating services to Davis County, including:

  • Commercial HVAC
  • Smart Home Thermostats
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Ductwork Repair and Installation
  • Heater Repair

Common Furnace Problems

When the temperature outside dips, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken furnace. However, occasionally your unit can encounter issues, including these common problems:

  • A myriad of issues that come from lack of maintenance on your unit.
  • Dirty or clogged filters, which can lead to poor indoor air quality.
  • Mechanical wear and tear on the unit, which can cause it to lose efficiency. If this happens, you should consult a technician to determine if it’s more cost-effective to replace the system.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat that is not able to control the temperature in your property.
  • Inadequate airflow, which can cause a serious situation if the unit overheats.
  • A carbon monoxide leak that can lead to a dangerous situation for your household. If the pilot light on your unit has turned from blue to yellow, you notice an excessive amount of condensation on your windows, or you start to feel sick in any way, evacuate your property immediately.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Avoid having your furnace break down in the middle of winter by having it repaired by a professional at the first signs of an issue. Some symptoms you should watch for include:

  • Short cycling: If your unit runs for less than three minutes at a time before it shuts off. This could be due to a malfunctioning heat exchanger or a broken thermostat.
  • Irregular flames: If the flames in your unit are uneven or lean toward the back of the system, it could be due to dirty burners or it could be a more serious problem, like a cracked heat exchanger. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and should be inspected by a professional immediately.
  • Unusual sounds: If you hear rumbling, popping, or whistling when the system is running it should be inspected by a professional as it can indicate a number of problems.
  • Cracked heat exchanger: As mentioned above, a cracked heat exchanger can be extremely dangerous. If you have frequent headaches or flu-like symptoms, the heat exchanger on your unit may be cracked. As stated above, a cracked heat exchanger can cause a carbon monoxide leak.

When you need heating or cooling repairs and installations in Davis County, contact us to schedule services with our expert technicians.

How a Malfunctioning Heater Can Affect Your Home

When your heater malfunctions, you might expect it to cause frigid conditions in your house. However, you might not anticipate some other consequences, including:

  • Risk of illness: Depending on what is wrong with your unit, it can lead to potential health risks for your family, including dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Lower indoor air quality: A malfunctioning unit cannot properly remove debris from the air in your house.
  • An increased risk of fire: Certain issues with your unit can lead to an increased risk of fire.
  • Higher utility bills: If your unit isn’t working properly it can overwork and lead to higher utility bills.

Don’t endure a cold house all winter. If your furnace is malfunctioning, call Alta Air at 801-397-2586 for repair and replacement services in Davis County. We provide complimentary estimates!