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Are you looking for an energy-efficient heating and cooling system? Call us to learn about our ductless mini-split AC and heating services in Davis County.

Keeping your house comfortable all year can be expensive. Between heating it in the winter months and trying to keep it cool all summer, your utility bills can skyrocket in extreme temperatures. There is a more energy-efficient option that can help lower your utility bills. Instead of installing a forced-air system, consider a ductless mini-split unit. Call Alta Air to have our trustworthy technicians install or repair your unit in Wood Cross, UT.

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Advantages of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Are you trying to decide between a forced-air heating and cooling system or a ductless heating and air unit? A ductless system can provide the following advantages:



This system increases efficiency, resulting in lower monthly energy costs.



This unit lets you set various temperatures in every room throughout your property.



These systems can be installed easily by a professional as they do not require ductwork or other major alterations to your property.



These units do not make as much noise as forced-air systems when they operate.



These units are very sleek and can be installed virtually anywhere, typically on a wall or ceiling.

How To Maintain Your Ductless Mini Split Unit

Like all HVAC units, it’s important to keep your ductless mini-split unit properly maintained so it works correctly. Some maintenance tasks you should perform regularly include:



Change the filters once a month to help reduce utility bills while keeping your building comfortable.



Schedule regular maintenance services with a professional at least once a year to ensure the unit is working as expected.



During routine maintenance, ensure the contractor examines the inside of the unit to make sure all of the components are functioning properly.

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How Ductless Mini Split Systems Can Save You Money

One of the top benefits of installing a ductless system is it can save you money compared to a forced-air unit. These systems provide zoned cooling options, letting you alter the temperature only in rooms you are using while not spending money to cool empty rooms. This can let you save up to 50 percent on your utility bills each month. Eventually, the system can even pay for itself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ductless mini-split system is a heating and cooling system that does not require ductwork. It consists of an exterior unit and one or more indoor units. The interior units are mounted on the wall or ceiling and deliver conditioned air directly into the room. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and other components that regulate the temperature. The system transfers heat between the indoor and outdoor units, providing efficient heating and cooling. Call Alta Air today to install your ductless mini-split system in Woods Cross, UT, and the surrounding areas.

Regular maintenance for a ductless mini-split system includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing the filters.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Checking refrigerant levels.
  • Ensuring proper airflow.

It is recommended to schedule professional ductless unit maintenance at least once a year to keep the system in optimal condition and to identify any potential issues early on.

Ductless mini-split systems are known for their durability and longevity. With routine maintenance, they can last up to 20 years or more. The lifespan may vary depending on usage, installation quality, and the specific brand or model of the system.

Yes, ductless mini-split systems are highly energy efficient. They offer individual room or zone control, allowing you to cool or heat specific areas. This targeted approach helps avoid energy waste by not conditioning unused rooms. Additionally, ductless systems do not suffer from energy losses associated with ductwork, making them more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. For detailed information about ductless mini-split systems, call our team of experts in Woods Cross, UT.

No, ductless mini-split systems do not run continuously. They are designed to maintain a consistent temperature within the set parameters. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system adjusts its operation to maintain the comfort level without running unnecessarily. Advanced features like programmable timers and smart controls allow for further customization and energy savings by scheduling operations according to your needs.

Efficiency Meets Precision
Ductless mini-split systems in West Jordan, UT—the underrated stars of HVAC technology—operate quietly and effectively. These systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor, linked by a refrigerant line. Instead of utilizing a network of ducts, they deliver conditioned air directly to particular zones in your home. This accurate delivery makes certain that you only consume the energy needed for your comfort, steering clear of the inefficiencies often seen in conventional HVAC systems.

Seamless Integration
Alta Air takes pride in its smooth installation process. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your home's layout and formulate a tailored plan to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency. With minimal disruption, we will install the indoor unit(s), link the outdoor compressor, and meticulously inspect the system to ensure impeccable operation. You'll be reaping the benefits of your new ductless mini-split system before you know it.

Breathing Easier
Indoor air quality is an escalating concern for homeowners. Ductless mini-split systems not only regulate your home's temperature effectively but also offer advanced filtration features. These systems remove dust, allergens, and pollutants, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Alta Air guarantees that your family breathes easier, owing to our dedication to purer indoor air.

Low Maintenance, High Performance
Upkeep for your ductless mini-split in West Jordan, UT is straightforward. Regular inspections and filter changes are vital, but our team at Alta Air will handle the heavy lifting for you. With modest maintenance requirements and a longer lifespan compared to traditional systems, ductless mini-splits are a sensible choice for homeowners seeking convenience and dependability.

Energy Savings at Your Fingertips
In Jordan, UT, where temperature fluctuations are a routine challenge, energy efficiency is paramount. Ductless mini-split systems are celebrated for their remarkable energy efficiency. By sidestepping the energy losses linked to ductwork and offering precise climate control, Alta Air ensures that you cut down on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Alta Air in Jordan, UT, continues to be your committed HVAC ally, discreetly ensuring your home's comfort and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with the unobtrusive effectiveness of ductless mini-split systems, guarantees that your indoor environment is nothing short of exemplary. Contact us today to find out how we can revolutionize your home's HVAC experience.

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