Don’t Forget the AC During Spring Cleaning

AC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

It’s time to shake off the winter malaise and jump into springtime, which means welcoming in spring with a deep cleaning. After spending so much time indoors over the winter, a deep spring cleaning is exactly what the home and its occupants need for a fresh start. 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to schedule things that will make life easier in the coming months. AC maintenance is one such item to put on the to-do list. Here are some ideas from local air quality experts about getting the AC ready during the spring. 

Helps the Air Conditioner Work BetterAC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

One of the best things about AC maintenance in the spring is the savings. Scheduling AC maintenance before temperatures ramp up allows an AC technician to optimize the air conditioner. This can lead to lower bills and increased comfort during the spring and summer. 

An AC professional will deep clean the air conditioner during an AC maintenance visit. This includes a coil cleaning that preserves the efficiency of the unit.

Additionally, they will change the air filter. Changing the air filter reduces the amount of work that unit has to do, but it will also preserve the benefits of spring cleaning by keeping the air free of dust. 

Don’t Forget the Ducts!

AC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

Air conditioners are designed to treat the entire air volume in a home. This means that all of the air breathed in passes through the ductwork multiple times per day. Even with the most diligent filter changes, some dust gets into the system every time it kicks on. Some of the dust sticks to the inside of the ductwork. After hundreds of cycles, the inside of ductwork is caked with grime that can house bacteria or mold. 

Cleaning the ductwork is a great spring cleaning item. Duct cleaning isn’t required every year, but most professionals recommend it be done every 3 to 5 years. Springtime duct cleaning is perfect because it will remove dust and allergens that can recirculate around the home. With clean air ducts, the occupants of the home can enjoy:

  • Air with less dust
  • A cleaner environment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Fewer sinus infections
  • Less serious spring allergies 

Spring Cleaning Helps the AC, Too!

Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of spring cleaning, but all other spring cleaning steps help support a healthier air conditioner. Dust is the enemy of an air conditioner. Just as dust can cause people in the home to be unhealthy with allergies and common respiratory conditions, dust inside the air conditioner causes it to work harder. 

Reducing the amount of dust inside the home can solve problems for everyone in the home and the AC. When planning a spring cleaning to-do list, make sure to:

  • Dust! Use dust-capturing rags and wipes to remove it, not rearrange it
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Crack the windows to let in fresh air
  • Wash curtains
  • Wipe down ceiling fans

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