Sick of Cold, Dry Weather? Invest in a Full-Home Humidifier!

Humidifiers Make a Huge Difference During the Winter Months 

During the summer months, humidity gets a bad name. It makes clothes stick to people’s skin and makes seemingly short walks feel like mile-long treks. The winter months are a different story. Homeowners crave humidity amid chapped lips, frozen nostrils, and respiratory issues. This is where whole-home humidifiers come in. 

These marvels manage indoor air quality in ways never thought possible a few years ago. Utilizing a mixture of steam, electricity, and gas, whole-home humidifiers can transform an icy home into a warm and toasty paradise. Instead of investing in flannel blankets and pajamas this holiday season, homeowners should consider the merit of purchasing one of these innovative devices. 

Humidifiers Are Great for One’s Respiratory HealthSick of Cold, Dry Weather? Invest in a Full-Home Humidifier!

According to Mayo Clinic, cold, dry weather deeply impacts one’s respiratory health––especially if they suffer from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Humidifiers address this problem by: 
  • Reducing allergy symptoms: Not only can a humidifier moisten the nasal passageways, but it can also break up mucus. 
  • Halting the spread of bacteria: Humidifiers have a purifying effect, reducing the likelihood of airborne illnesses, like the common cold. Homeowners should periodically check their humidifiers for mold growths or spores, which could negate its purifying effect. 
  • Preventing nosebleeds: Extreme weather conditions burst the nose’s blood vessels. As noted, humidifiers moisten the nostrils, reducing the risk of these painful bleeds. 

Humidifiers also keep one’s throat from feeling dry or sore, leading to respiratory problems if left unaddressed. 

Skincare and Humidifiers: A Match Made in HeavenSick of Cold, Dry Weather? Invest in a Full-Home Humidifier!

Healthline notes that during the winter, residents may experience dry skin. Symptoms include cracked skin, flaking, irritation, redness, and rough textures. When the skin isn’t properly moisturized, it does more than alter one’s appearance––it’s flat out uncomfortable. 

By regulating indoor air quality, humidifiers: 

  • Keep the skin from “drying out” 
  • Allow the irritated skin to heal itself 
  • Reduces the risk of infections 
  • Regulate the body’s pores and glands 

Harvard Health Publishing reports that purchasing and using a humidifier at 60 percent can heal the skin’s top layer within hours. This is critical to one’s health and well-being. When the top layer of skin suffers damage, the body is open to infection and other illnesses. One may even develop a staph infection, a contagious, sometimes life-threatening condition. 

Humidifiers Protect Indoor Plants 

Cold, dry air zaps the moisture out of everything it touches. That includes zapping the moisture from the soil plants rely on. Once-vibrant indoor plants will wilt, curl, or change from green to brown within days of a cold front. 

Humidifiers protect indoor plants by keeping moisture in the air, preventing that dreaded “zapping” effect. If a homeowner has these plants, they should consider how a humidifier could benefit them: 

  • Ferns 
  • Orchids 
  • Corn plants
  • Bouquets, including roses 
  • Small potted palms 
  • Aloe vera 
  • Spider plants 
  • Air plants 

Even though succulents love dry, arid places, they can also benefit from extra moisture in the air. 

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