Plan on a New Heating System in 2022

Schedule a New Heater Installation for the New Year

The new year in Woods Cross means some of the coldest winter temperatures are still ahead. Many homeowners will find out that their current heating system is finally on its last leg during this season. New heater installation can be an intimidating project since it requires making some big and costly decisions. Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to make these decisions by themselves. 

For homeowners that haven’t forged a relationship with a heating company yet, there is no better time than the new year. These local furnace installation experts can help guide homeowners through selecting and installing a new heater. Here is their advice condensed into a handy guide. 

Signs that a Heater Replacement Is a Good Idea

The first step in installing a new furnace is to decide that one is necessary. Some of the criteria to use when making this decision are: 

  • Age: Furnaces are expected to last around 20 years. If the current unit is around that age, replacement is imminent. 
  • Repairs: Mounting repair bills signify that a new furnace will be necessary. At some point, the cost of repairs exceeds new furnace costs. Additionally, a new furnace will be protected by warranties, meaning repair bills will disappear for a few years. 
  • Noises and Smells: Old furnaces develop new tricks as they age. Among these are noises and smells. Furnaces making new noises may just need repairs, but sometimes replacement will be the only option. Smells should be concerning, and one should call a professional immediately. 
  • Bills: Furnaces lose efficiency every year they operate. This means that bills go up and up every year. High bills are a great excuse to replace the furnace and save on heating bills. 

Selecting the Right Heating Systempros cons

Before seeking out a professional, most homeowners like to do some research. Homeowners should look into newer technology before they invest and decide if a newer style heater is right for them.

Heat pumps are a great option for homeowners looking to source their energy from a single utility, while a high-efficiency gas furnace might be a choice in some cases. Homeowners should get a feel for what the market offers in terms of new furnace options then contact a local furnace installer to help them finish the process. 

Don’t Forget About Heater Maintenance

The single biggest oversight in nearly every home is heater maintenance. In colder climates, heaters work overtime to keep a home comfortable. This means they need more attention to ensure that they can keep up during the harsh winters. 

That’s where heater maintenance comes in. Heater maintenance from a qualified heating contractor can offer benefits like: 

  • Reduced heating bills as a result of increased efficiency
  • Better reliability 
  • Increased comfort
  • Better air quality
  • Longevity

Protecting a heater with professional care can guarantee comfortable and inviting homes. The process is quick and easy and can be carried out even in the winter. Homeowners are encouraged to start heater maintenance immediately.  

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