Time To Go Back To School With Air Conditioning 101

Learning Air Conditioning Basics

Summer is in full swing, and that means warm summer temperatures are the new normal. As such, many homeowners and their families are relying heavily on their air conditioning systems. Despite this, very few people know much about air conditioning. And with back-to-school time just around the corner, why not go “back to school” with a mini-lesson on the basics of air conditioning!

Homeowners should understand the different types of system options available, common signs that a repair may be in order, and how air conditioning systems play such a critical role in air quality control. Read on for all of this information and more! 

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Let’s begin with a basic overview of the types of air conditioning systems available. The two primary types of systems are central cooling systems and ductless systems. People should understand the differences to decide which best fits their homes. These can cool entire homes, unlike ductless systems, which only cool single rooms, starting with central cooling systems. Ductless systems, however, do not operate with ducts, as the name implies. This means that these systems are less complex and much easier to install.

Both systems are relatively efficient. Ductless systems have some of the highest energy efficiency ratings, while newer central cooling systems can also be quite efficient. Central cooling is the way to go for homeowners who want a nicer aesthetic, as much of the ductwork is hidden. Overall, both systems are great options for homeowners looking for a new AC system!

Signs That Repairs Are in OrderLearning Air Conditioning Basics

Several signs may suggest an AC repair is in order. Some may be obvious, while others may be more subtle:

  • Air abnormalities – poor airflow or warm air may indicate blockages or other malfunctions in the air system
  • Excess humidity – this may indicate that the air is not being properly processed through the AC system
  • High energy bills – if the energy bills are abnormally high, this may suggest that the system is operating at low efficiency and needs a tune-up
  • Strange sounds – these may indicate damaged pieces in the air conditioning unit

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does include some of the most important signs that homeowners should watch out for as indicators of potential issues with their AC systems.

Learning Air Conditioning BasicsUnderstanding Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is extremely important, and healthy air conditioning systems play a big role in this. Before explaining why it is important to understand what air quality is. Air quality refers to the condition of the air in a particular area or space. For example, if there is a lot of air pollution from cars in a city, this would be “poor air quality.”

Having good indoor air quality in homes is critical, as air quality can impact basic things like allergies and have long-term health implications depending on the types of pollutants. Air conditioning systems act to filter out potentially harmful pollutants like dust, debris, and allergens. Thus, a properly functioning AC system is critical!

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