Schedule AC Maintenance Sooner Than Later!

Spring Scheduling for AC Tune-Ups Bring A Lot of Benefits

With so many objectives to complete in day-to-day life, take air conditioning maintenance off the list by having the heating and cooling guys come out earlier in the year! This quick adjustment to the to-do list can provide multiple benefits and ultimately gives homeowners peace of mind as they fly through each month without worrying about their air conditioning systems. 

Let this guide explain why a checkup is scheduled before it’s necessary or too late!  

More Availability Helps Fit into Busy Lifestyles

maintenanceAnother huge advantage to scheduling AC repairs earlier in the year is having the technicians work around the homeowner’s lifestyle, not the other way around. Most people hold off scheduling their system checkups until later in the year, closer to when the weather is in the 80s. 

This waiting game overloads cooling and heating companies and cause more headaches than usual as homeowners suddenly have to take time off from work to ensure they are home for their AC servicing. Getting the jumpstart and scheduling before the weather warms is the best way to ensure homeowners get the servicing they need while picking a time that works best for them.

No Surprise Mishaps in the Heat of the Summer

Scheduling AC tune-ups in the spring months can also minimize the risk of the air conditioner having a surprising meltdown during the warmer months. The last thing homeowners need while out enjoying the summer with their families is to come home to a hotter house than it should be. 

Picking a date for servicing in the cooler months can save most, if not all, of that stress because the professionals that show up to check the air conditioning unit will find any early signs of a problem and fix it before it reaches the surface. Thus, saving the homeowner time and ultimately a lot of money because smaller fixes are easier and quicker to fix than ones that have escalated.

Consistent Air Conditioning Servicing Proves to Aid in its Longevity

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Ultimately, other than peace of mind, having an AC unit scheduled for maintenance in the spring will ensure the system lasts as long as it should – if not a little longer! The better care a person takes for something, the longer and more efficiently said thing will last and work. 

Homeowners easily put in a couple of thousand dollars to purchase a new AC unit. Consistent, yearly maintenance will make that investment last 15 to 20 years, whereas a neglected unit may only last for ten. The yearly cost for checkups seems to hurt less when the alternative is buying an entirely new system earlier than intended.

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Don’t Forget the AC During Spring Cleaning

AC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

It’s time to shake off the winter malaise and jump into springtime, which means welcoming in spring with a deep cleaning. After spending so much time indoors over the winter, a deep spring cleaning is exactly what the home and its occupants need for a fresh start. 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to schedule things that will make life easier in the coming months. AC maintenance is one such item to put on the to-do list. Here are some ideas from local air quality experts about getting the AC ready during the spring. 

Helps the Air Conditioner Work BetterAC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

One of the best things about AC maintenance in the spring is the savings. Scheduling AC maintenance before temperatures ramp up allows an AC technician to optimize the air conditioner. This can lead to lower bills and increased comfort during the spring and summer. 

An AC professional will deep clean the air conditioner during an AC maintenance visit. This includes a coil cleaning that preserves the efficiency of the unit.

Additionally, they will change the air filter. Changing the air filter reduces the amount of work that unit has to do, but it will also preserve the benefits of spring cleaning by keeping the air free of dust. 

Don’t Forget the Ducts!

AC Maintenance Is a Must-Do Spring Cleaning Project

Air conditioners are designed to treat the entire air volume in a home. This means that all of the air breathed in passes through the ductwork multiple times per day. Even with the most diligent filter changes, some dust gets into the system every time it kicks on. Some of the dust sticks to the inside of the ductwork. After hundreds of cycles, the inside of ductwork is caked with grime that can house bacteria or mold. 

Cleaning the ductwork is a great spring cleaning item. Duct cleaning isn’t required every year, but most professionals recommend it be done every 3 to 5 years. Springtime duct cleaning is perfect because it will remove dust and allergens that can recirculate around the home. With clean air ducts, the occupants of the home can enjoy:

  • Air with less dust
  • A cleaner environment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Fewer sinus infections
  • Less serious spring allergies 

Spring Cleaning Helps the AC, Too!

Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of spring cleaning, but all other spring cleaning steps help support a healthier air conditioner. Dust is the enemy of an air conditioner. Just as dust can cause people in the home to be unhealthy with allergies and common respiratory conditions, dust inside the air conditioner causes it to work harder. 

Reducing the amount of dust inside the home can solve problems for everyone in the home and the AC. When planning a spring cleaning to-do list, make sure to:

  • Dust! Use dust-capturing rags and wipes to remove it, not rearrange it
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Crack the windows to let in fresh air
  • Wash curtains
  • Wipe down ceiling fans

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Why It’s Never a Good Idea To Attempt DIY Heater Repair

Beware the Perils of DIY Heater Repair and Maintenance

When the heater goes on the fritz, the last thing any homeowner wants is to wait around in a cold house waiting for a repair technician to show up – especially if the earliest appointment window is days away. The natural temptation for many homeowners is to spring into action and try to fix the problem themselves.

But while being proactive and trying to speed the process along can certainly help alleviate the stress of the situation, they can also make matters worse. Keep reading to learn about a few of the hidden risks and pitfalls of do-it-yourself furnace repairs.

#1 – Misdiagnosing Problems

One of the most common mistakes DIYers make is misidentifying the cause of whatever problem they’re experiencing. A single issue like weak air or cool air coming from the vents could be caused by a range of underlying issues, from a dirty gas burner or broken heating element to an electrical or thermostat problem to a dirty air filter.

Misdiagnosing the problem can result in unnecessary repairs, frustration, and a lot of wasted time and money – and the problem will still need fixing! Professionals have the training, tools, experience, and certifications needed to pinpoint the root cause of any problem quickly.

#2 – The Work Takes Longer Than It Needs To

Another potential pitfall of DIY heater repair can be incredibly time-consuming. Even once the problem has been correctly identified, learning how to fix it and perform the repairs properly can take up a lot of time. The same can be true for some of the more advanced maintenance tasks, which often involve a lot of safety protocols and disassembly/reassembly. 

Professional heating technicians not only know the correct procedures already, but they’ve typically performed the same kinds of repairs many times before, making them highly efficient. The pros also have all of the tools they need on hand – and HVAC work often involves a lot of tools – so they don’t have to keep running to the hardware store to get the right equipment for the job.

#3 – Not Having Insurance

Perhaps the biggest potential downside of DIY heater work is insurance and safety. Any reputable heating contractor will be fully insured for the protection of the homeowners, the technicians, and the business itself. 

This means that if something were to go wrong in the course of repairs or service, resulting in injury or property damage, the burden of financial responsibility wouldn’t fall on the individuals involved. Instead, the insurance will pay for any medical expenses or repair costs that may be needed.

Having that safety net in place is vital, but trained professionals also do everything to prevent such incidents in the first place. They use the proper protective gear and perform all work according to the latest safety standards and codes. Heater and furnace safety aren’t to be taken lightly, so it’s best to leave the repairs and maintenance to the certified and insured pros!

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A Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

Keep the Night Heated Up and the Energy Bills Low With a Few Tips

It’s always nice to have a comfortable home, but it may be of extra value when love is in the air. When deciding where to put the candles and rose petals, it might be a good idea to prep the rest of the home to ensure the central heating is working at its best. The next step is to enjoy a date night.

Are Windows and Doors Drafty?

Catching a chill from a doorway or window is pretty common. Houses are not air-tight, and they grow less and less so with age. This is particularly true around the outdoor access points: windows and doors. 

These are the areas where there is the least insulation against outdoor weather. Of course, this is a partially intentional design, but the cracks do tend to grow. To cut down on drafts, there are several easy steps that the average homeowner can take. 

  • Caulking Windows: Sometimes, windows just need a little more silicone around their frames to keep the chill-out
  • Weather Stripping: Applying this cushion around the edges of a door frame will reduce the incoming cold
  • New Curtains: Many new curtain options are like adding an extra layer of insulation to a room

Try Energy Star WindowsA Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

When a customer is looking into optimizing home heating, one of the first things to look at is a home’s windows. As previously mentioned, windows are, by design and necessity, a weak point in a home’s insulation. Engineers have come a long way in window design since the days of the early glaziers. 

Windows can now provide their form of insulation and can greatly increase the efficiency of a home heating system.

Energy Star windows, which only receive the energy star rating after extensive independent testing for efficiency, are a great investment and often pay for themselves over time. Installing these can have a big effect on home comfort and energy costs.

Heater Maintenance and the Local ContractorA Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

While insulating a home and fixing drafts is certainly a good idea, there is little chance that these changes will help the temperature in a homestay consistent with a properly working HVAC system. Keeping up with heating maintenance can prevent a complete collapse of the system and eliminate the need for emergency or after-hours service. 

While this sounds good in theory, a homeowner may be concerned about finding a trustworthy heating company to do the job. Looking for an HVAC contractor may be daunting, but by following a few simple tips, a homeowner can be confident in their choice of heating contractor.

  1. Ask friends for recommendations
  2. Read reviews on Google or Yelp
  3. Look up a contractor through the Better Business Bureau or relevant certifying organizations such as NATE
  4. Check the company’s website for coupons and special deals

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Plan on a New Heating System in 2022

Schedule a New Heater Installation for the New Year

The new year in Woods Cross means some of the coldest winter temperatures are still ahead. Many homeowners will find out that their current heating system is finally on its last leg during this season. New heater installation can be an intimidating project since it requires making some big and costly decisions. Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to make these decisions by themselves. 

For homeowners that haven’t forged a relationship with a heating company yet, there is no better time than the new year. These local furnace installation experts can help guide homeowners through selecting and installing a new heater. Here is their advice condensed into a handy guide. 

Signs that a Heater Replacement Is a Good Idea

The first step in installing a new furnace is to decide that one is necessary. Some of the criteria to use when making this decision are: 

  • Age: Furnaces are expected to last around 20 years. If the current unit is around that age, replacement is imminent. 
  • Repairs: Mounting repair bills signify that a new furnace will be necessary. At some point, the cost of repairs exceeds new furnace costs. Additionally, a new furnace will be protected by warranties, meaning repair bills will disappear for a few years. 
  • Noises and Smells: Old furnaces develop new tricks as they age. Among these are noises and smells. Furnaces making new noises may just need repairs, but sometimes replacement will be the only option. Smells should be concerning, and one should call a professional immediately. 
  • Bills: Furnaces lose efficiency every year they operate. This means that bills go up and up every year. High bills are a great excuse to replace the furnace and save on heating bills. 

Selecting the Right Heating Systempros cons

Before seeking out a professional, most homeowners like to do some research. Homeowners should look into newer technology before they invest and decide if a newer style heater is right for them.

Heat pumps are a great option for homeowners looking to source their energy from a single utility, while a high-efficiency gas furnace might be a choice in some cases. Homeowners should get a feel for what the market offers in terms of new furnace options then contact a local furnace installer to help them finish the process. 

Don’t Forget About Heater Maintenance

The single biggest oversight in nearly every home is heater maintenance. In colder climates, heaters work overtime to keep a home comfortable. This means they need more attention to ensure that they can keep up during the harsh winters. 

That’s where heater maintenance comes in. Heater maintenance from a qualified heating contractor can offer benefits like: 

  • Reduced heating bills as a result of increased efficiency
  • Better reliability 
  • Increased comfort
  • Better air quality
  • Longevity

Protecting a heater with professional care can guarantee comfortable and inviting homes. The process is quick and easy and can be carried out even in the winter. Homeowners are encouraged to start heater maintenance immediately.  

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