A Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

Keep the Night Heated Up and the Energy Bills Low With a Few Tips

It’s always nice to have a comfortable home, but it may be of extra value when love is in the air. When deciding where to put the candles and rose petals, it might be a good idea to prep the rest of the home to ensure the central heating is working at its best. The next step is to enjoy a date night.

Are Windows and Doors Drafty?

Catching a chill from a doorway or window is pretty common. Houses are not air-tight, and they grow less and less so with age. This is particularly true around the outdoor access points: windows and doors. 

These are the areas where there is the least insulation against outdoor weather. Of course, this is a partially intentional design, but the cracks do tend to grow. To cut down on drafts, there are several easy steps that the average homeowner can take. 

  • Caulking Windows: Sometimes, windows just need a little more silicone around their frames to keep the chill-out
  • Weather Stripping: Applying this cushion around the edges of a door frame will reduce the incoming cold
  • New Curtains: Many new curtain options are like adding an extra layer of insulation to a room

Try Energy Star WindowsA Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

When a customer is looking into optimizing home heating, one of the first things to look at is a home’s windows. As previously mentioned, windows are, by design and necessity, a weak point in a home’s insulation. Engineers have come a long way in window design since the days of the early glaziers. 

Windows can now provide their form of insulation and can greatly increase the efficiency of a home heating system.

Energy Star windows, which only receive the energy star rating after extensive independent testing for efficiency, are a great investment and often pay for themselves over time. Installing these can have a big effect on home comfort and energy costs.

Heater Maintenance and the Local ContractorA Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Night? Let the Temperature Set the Mood

While insulating a home and fixing drafts is certainly a good idea, there is little chance that these changes will help the temperature in a homestay consistent with a properly working HVAC system. Keeping up with heating maintenance can prevent a complete collapse of the system and eliminate the need for emergency or after-hours service. 

While this sounds good in theory, a homeowner may be concerned about finding a trustworthy heating company to do the job. Looking for an HVAC contractor may be daunting, but by following a few simple tips, a homeowner can be confident in their choice of heating contractor.

  1. Ask friends for recommendations
  2. Read reviews on Google or Yelp
  3. Look up a contractor through the Better Business Bureau or relevant certifying organizations such as NATE
  4. Check the company’s website for coupons and special deals

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