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AC Contractor in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City Metro Area has some hot summers, which means that a properly functioning air conditioner is essential for your comfort and safety. When your AC isn’t working properly, it can leave you sweating indoors, can welcome mold and mildew growth with increased humidity levels, and can produce foul odors in your home due to a number of factors.

If you need AC services in Salt Lake City, UT, Alta Air is a top choice. We provide reliable air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance, so you can get back to your normal routine ASAP. It’s not always easy to find a central AC repair company you can trust, but Alta Air is here for you and your cooling system when you need us most.

We keep our clients happy with exceptional service. Read our customer reviews to discover how we’ve delivered on our promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

Need AC Maintenance Services? We’ll Help!

Scheduling a regular AC tune-up is the best thing you can do for your air conditioning system. When you receive service with Alta Air, we ensure your AC is running safely and efficiently. Our expert technicians will check for any potential leaks from your unit’s tubes and pipes, and remove any dirt, dust, or debris from your system. We’ll also clean the condenser and evaporator fans, check coolant levels, and inspect your thermostat.

Salt Lake County AC Replacement

If your air conditioning unit is at least 10 years old, it may be approaching the end of its lifespan. When repairs are frequent, or add up to at least 50% of the cost of a new air conditioner, it’s probably time to purchase a new AC. Alta Air provides professional AC installation services in SLC, so when you need a replacement, we can help! Our team can assist you in finding the best solution for you and your home in regard to unit size, efficiency, and heating capacity.

If your air conditioner is due for maintenance, don’t wait to schedule it. Contact us to make an appointment to give your AC some TLC.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Over time, your air conditioner’s capacitors, motors, coils, and compressor may wear out. Your filter will also need to be regularly cleaned or replaced to make sure your system is functioning properly. If you notice any of the following symptoms occurring with your air conditioning system, call an AC contractor for repair service.

  • Warm air is coming from your vents.
  • Your AC makes loud noises or strange odors.
  • Humidity levels are increasing in your home.
  • Your thermostat is not showing the correct indoor temperature.
  • Water is leaking from your AC unit.
  • Your electric bill is increasingly high.

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AC troubles are a real pain, but Alta Air is here to help! Call 801-397-2586 for professional air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation services in Salt Lake City, UT.