Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Keep your heating and cooling systems working during peak seasons when you call us for furnace and air conditioning repairs in Northern Utah.

When extreme temperatures hit it’s important to have a fully functioning cooling or heating system to keep your house safe and comfortable. If your furnace, heater, or air conditioner is malfunctioning, call Alta Air for appointments in Wood Cross, UT to let our trustworthy technicians inspect the system and get it running properly again.

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Cold Weather Maintenance Tips

When cold temperatures arrive, it’s important to protect your property and your household from snow, ice, and frigid air. Some maintenance tasks you should perform on your property include:

  • Clean or replace furnace and humidifier filters and clean the vents. This will increase efficiency and lower your energy bills.
  • Check and replace caulking as needed, as the summer sun and heat might have damaged it.
  • Call a professional to winterize your air conditioner. This will add years to its life.
  • Clean and flush the gutters and downspouts before the rainy season starts.
  • Do any exterior painting your property needs. It’s still warm enough to open windows for ventilation inside and cool enough to make exterior painting more pleasant.
  • In many areas, autumn can mean brush fires. Cut back any brush growing close to your home and remove any potential fire hazards.
  • Schedule any needed furnace maintenance early before peak use periods.

Precautions To Take in Freezing Temperatures

In colder areas, pipes can freeze and break. If you plan to be away for more than a day or two in winter, ask a responsible person to check your home daily just to be safe. We also strongly recommend hiring a licensed plumber to protect your plumbing from freeze damage. Some other precautions you should take include:

  • Winterize your irrigation system. Turn the supply valve 90 degrees, or crossways to the supply line. Open the test valves as indicated by the illustration on your system. Turn the ball valves 1/8th of a turn to the “Winter” position.
  • Remove garden hoses and store them away. Leaving them attached can cause damage to your home’s plumbing. Attach freeze cones or wraps to protect all hose bibs from freezing.
  • Do not use salt or deicers on your concrete surfaces. These can lead to pitting and cracking. Wash road salts off the concrete as soon as possible. In icy areas, use kitty litter or sand for traction.

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Warm Weather Maintenance Tips

April showers and hot August nights can take their toll on even the best-built home. Prepare your property for warm and wet weather with these maintenance tips:

  • Check window weep holes and remove any clogs.
  • Have a professional check your roof for any damage suffered over the winter months.
  • Check your air conditioner and schedule needed maintenance before peak use periods.
  • If you have a fireplace, hire a pro to inspect and clean the chimney and install a screen over the chimney to keep debris out.
  • Clean wood decks and reseal as needed.
  • Check and replace rubber washers on any exterior faucets.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts. Remove debris and flush with a hose.
  • Prune back tree branches and shrubs that are too close to the house.
  • Check driveways and other paved surfaces for cracks and signs of deterioration.
  • Check and repair or replace exterior caulking (we can never say it enough).
  • Clean lint from the clothes dryer venting system. It can be a fire hazard.
  • Reset auto-light timers for the longer days ahead.
  • If you winterized your irrigation system, reactivate it by closing the test valves, turning the ball valves 1/8th of a turn to the Open position, and opening the irrigation supply line valves.

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