Heating Services in Woods Cross, UT

If you’re shivering while sitting in your house over the winter months, it’s time to have a professional inspect your heater or furnace. Call us for services in Davis County!

Woods Cross, UT Heating Services - Alta Air

Winter can be enjoyable – as long as you have a warm, cozy home to retreat to. If your house is frigid, call in the professionals to inspect and repair your unit. At Alta Air, your home comfort is our one and only responsibility. Schedule an appointment with us in Woods Cross, UT, and let our trustworthy technicians determine why your unit is no longer properly heating your house. They will fix the issue and restore comfort to your home as soon as possible!

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We provide complete heating services to Woods Cross, including:

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Is it time to replace your aging furnace with a new, more energy-efficient model? Installing a new unit can have several benefits, including:

  • The latest features and technology to provide you with maximum climate control.
  • A more energy-efficient model. New units consume up to 30% less fuel than older systems.
  • A more quiet system.
  • A unit that provides more even and consistent heating throughout your home.

When you’re ready to replace your unit, contact us. We offer Day and Night systems.

Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

When the temperature dips in the winter months, it’s important to have a reliable furnace that can keep up with the demand. One way to ensure your system is up to the task is to keep it properly maintained. Some benefits of performing regular maintenance include:

  • It keeps your home and family safe by ensuring your unit is working correctly.
  • It provides maximum comfort.
  • It can prolong the lifespan of your unit and keep it running efficiently.

Are you in need of a new HVAC system? Contact us to learn which unit is best for your property.

Signs Your Heater Needs To Be Repaired

Avoid having your heater unexpectedly break down this winter. Instead, watch for these signs that can indicate you need professional repairs so you can schedule services as soon as possible:

  • Your property isn’t getting warmer or heat is not being evenly distributed throughout every room.
  • Your system begins to make loud and unpleasant sounds.
  • Your monthly utility bills continue to rise without any change in use.
  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning.
  • Your ductwork is leaking.

Is your heating system malfunctioning? Avoid being left in the cold. Call Alta Air at 801-397-2586 for heater or furnace repair services in Davis County. We provide complimentary estimates!