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During winter, you may think it’s too late to schedule regular furnace maintenance if you didn’t do it in the fall. However, there is still time to act. furnace service in Woods Cross, UT should be done on an annual basis. 

Ideally, furnace maintenance should be done before the first cold snap of winter, but having it done later is better than skipping it altogether. You should not ignore furnace maintenance; it’s necessary for your heating system. Make an appointment today for a furnace tune-up and inspection with our furnace service provider in Woods Cross, UT.

Symptoms Of A Failing Furnace

There’s nothing more unpleasant than replacing a heating system in the middle of a cold winter. Furthermore, replacing a furnace in an emergency can be more expensive than replacing a furnace in a planned manner. 

If your furnace or boiler needs repairs or replacement, this guide can help you decide when it’s best to schedule them. 

  • Old Or Aging Furnace System

Properly installed and maintained furnaces typically last 12 to 15 years. In the case of older heating systems, repairs will need to be performed more frequently. As a result, your heating systems will be less efficient. It is probably a good idea to replace your heating system if you are having trouble with replacement parts and repairs.

  • High Fuel Or Energy bills

Fuel utility bills may increase due to several factors. There is a possibility that fuel prices are increasing. Additionally, your annual heating expenses may increase if your heating system becomes less efficient. The efficiency of heating systems decreases with age. 

The most efficient way to reduce heating costs could be to replace your furnace with an energy-efficient one instead of piling on blankets. You may want to consider replacing your furnace when you see an increase in your average heating bill and an aging unit.

  • Cold Spots In Your House

Your furnace may no longer be heating enough to keep your house warm if some rooms seem cooler than others. The best solution is to replace your heating system with one that’s properly sized for your home’s heating needs rather than performing repeated repairs.

Ice that forms near the furnace exhaust vent is another warning sign. It could be a sign that attic ductwork is leaking heat. Our furnace service provider in Woods Cross will inspect your furnace, vents, and ductwork.

  • Problem With The Furnace Staying On

It may be difficult for old furnaces and boilers to get started. If you skip regular furnace replacement in West Jordan UT, your furnace may not work properly. There may be a need for furnace repair if wiring has become faulty if a blower fan has failed, if a condensate pan is not draining, or if another part of the furnace needs to be replaced. It’s time to replace your heating system if your boiler or furnace keeps breaking down.

Maintaining Your Furnace Is Important For Several Reasons

  • Maintain Efficiency

You may find that some furnace parts wear down more quickly than others, especially when used extensively. Regular maintenance on your furnace can prolong its lifespan and prevent it from losing its efficiency.

  • Warranty Maintenance

Your warranty may be voided if you do not hire a professional for furnace installation West Jordan, UT. It’s therefore important to maintain your system annually.

  • Reduce Costs

Your furnace uses less energy to produce the same heat when running at peak efficiency. More money is saved when your system is efficient. Regular maintenance can prevent costly repair or replacement costs in the future.

Regular heating maintenance by our skilled professionals can help you save money on energy costs, increase your HVAC life, and reduce your carbon footprint. Contact Alta Air at (801)-397-2583 to learn more about our furnace services in Woods Cross, UT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognizing when your furnace needs furnace service in Woods Cross, UT is crucial for ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable, especially during chilly Woods Cross winters. Key signs include:

• Inconsistent Heating: If certain rooms are colder, or your home doesn't reach the set temperature, your furnace may be struggling.
• Unusual Noises: Sounds like clanking, banging, or squealing are indicators of possible problems within your furnace.
• Increased Energy Bills: A sudden rise in energy bills, without a usage change, could indicate inefficiency in your furnace.
• Frequent On and Off Cycles: Too frequent cycling on and off of your furnace points to an underlying problem.

For a reliable furnace, schedule furnace service in Woods Cross, UT at least annually. This regular maintenance by Alta Air ensures peak efficiency and prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Opting for Alta Air's furnace service in Woods Cross, UT, includes:

• Thorough Inspection: Technicians check all furnace components for potential issues.
• Cleaning and Lubrication: We ensure your furnace operates smoothly by cleaning and lubricating necessary parts.
• Filter Replacement: For fresh, clean indoor air, we replace your furnace filter.
• System Testing: Alta Air conducts comprehensive tests to ensure efficient and safe furnace operation.

Regular furnace service offers multiple benefits:

• Extended Lifespan: Proper maintenance by Alta Air can significantly increase your furnace's lifespan.
• Lower Energy Bills: An efficiently maintained furnace leads to reduced energy costs.
• Improved Air Quality: Regular service ensures better air quality in your home.

If your furnace suddenly stops working, contact Alta Air's emergency service in Woods Cross, UT. Our technicians are ready 24/7 to diagnose and fix your furnace quickly.

Regular furnace service is key to a comfortably heated home throughout the year. Trust Alta Air to maintain your furnace in top condition for your peace of mind and comfort.

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