Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps gives you the best of both worlds – heating your home in winter and cooling it down during summer. Once you install a new heat pump, it is essential to maintain it to ensure it runs optimally for at least a decade.

Over time, the heat pump will accumulate debris and other dust particles that will reduce its efficiency and lifespan if left unmaintained. Hence, it is important to opt for a heat pump service in Woods Cross, UT, to keep your heat pump in world-class condition.

What Does A Technician Do In Heat Pump Servicing?

Here is a detailed description of what a technician checks and inspects during heat pump service in Woods Cross, UT:

  • Clean and disinfect the system’s evaporator, condenser coils, and fan blades.
  • Clean the condenser fin with a brush to remove the debris.
  • Clean the drain pipes and condensate pan. 
  • Clean the condensate pump, if fitted
  • Replace the air filters
  • Examine the electrical terminals and components
  • Check the blower motor and capacitor for efficient working. 
  • Inspect the refrigerant pressures and adjust if there are issues. 
  • Check the noise levels, including bearing or unusual motor noises.

List Of Problems You Can Avoid By Biannual Maintenance Service

Heat pumps operate similarly to your air conditioner, but it can be challenging to determine the cause when you have a problem. With support from qualified professionals and the best maintenance services, you can avoid the following problems with your heat pump.

  • Inadequate Comfort – Dust and dirt can interfere with the heat pump operations and result in degradation in comfort. The heat pump will work excessively to reach your desired temperature; however, it will be incapable of maintaining comfort in your home. With maintenance services, you can easily avoid this problem. 
  • Blower Issues – A blower is used to push the heated or cooled air from the heat pump to the home. When there is any issue with the blower, the heat pump will find it tedious to push the air into the home, leading to decreased airflow with uncomfortable noises from the motor.
  • Short Cycling – Short cycling wears down the important components of the heat pump system and increases your utility bills due to the multiple, short, frequent daily cycles.

Benefits Of Calling Heat Pump Service Biannually!

Here are some benefits you get by scheduling heat pump services biannually:
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency –  Heat pumps are 25% more energy efficient than the others if they are maintained properly.

  • Save Time – Performing periodic services on the heat pumps, including troubleshooting and securing replacement parts, is less time-consuming than the potential repair.

  • Fewer Costs – Frequent maintenance services for a heat pump will prevent minor issues that might result in expensive repairs in the longer run.

  • Increase The Equipment’s Lifetime – Heat pumps would wear over time like other devices. During the maintenance service, the technician will ensure that the equipment has adequate lubrication and replace the worn parts to prevent future failures.  

Alta Air Technicians Are Here To Resolve Your HVAC issues!

Are you seeking the best contractor to service your heat pump? We’ve got you covered! At Alta Air, the best heat pump service in Woods Cross, UT, we offer end-to-end service to all brands while focusing on our customers’ specific needs. With our preventative maintenance and specialist service, your heat pump will work well for years, so you can focus on enjoying the comforts of home. 

Call (801) 397-2583 and schedule an appointment with our experts to resolve any heat pump issues. 

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